Diễn giả Stephen M.R.CoVey

The World Renowned Speaker:

Stephen M. R. Covey

The World Leading Expert on Culture Building & Brand Building

Author of “The Speed of Trust” Book & Father of “The Speed of Trust” Method.
This method is one of the most effective approach which has been widely applied in
more than 160 countries in the world to build a High-Trust Culture and a Trusted Brand


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09:05 - 10:30 : Speakers' Presentations
10:30 - 11:00 : Networking Break
11:00 - 12:00 : Speakers' Presentations
12:00 - 12:05 : Close of seminar


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Any businessman aspires to build a trusted brand for their products and organizations. However, developing from a well-known brand” to a trusted brand poses enormous challenges.

The Speed of Trust”is one of the best books and one of the best methodologies to build a trusted brand for organizations that I have ever known.

This methodology points out that in order to have a Trusted Brand, we need a Trusted Organization (or an organization with High-Trust Culture); to have a Trusted Organization, we need Trusted Teams; and to have a Trusted Team, we need Trusted People.

A person who wants to be trusted by others, first and foremost, must have Self-Trust. If one has no confidence in oneself, they will never earn trust from others. In contrast, when we have Self-Trust (namely characters and beliefs), we will undoubtedly be trusted.

Therefore, a Trusted Brand results from Trusted People, Trusted Teams and a Trusted Organization. In other words, the journey from Self-Trust to a Trusted Brand is the best and the most effective and sustainable methodology of branding for any organizations.

In light of this unique methodology, building a Trusted Brand is not merely the job of Marketing Director or Board of Directors as it is often considered. It is indeed the responsibility of every member in an organization.

The greatest assets of an organization are Trusted Brands and Trusted People. "High-Trust" not only is a brand, an asset, a culture but also creates financial growth or cost for an organization. Because once a brand is trusted, revenue will increase and cost be reduced, which leads to a fast and sustainable growth for any company.

Author of “Dung Viec – Mot goc nhin ve cau chuyen khai minh”
President of IRED Institute of Education, Founder & Chairman of PACE Institute of Management


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